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I am a Melbourne SEO consultant, I specialise in SEO for small business. My goal is to improve website visibility and increase conversions.

I am very passionate about Search Engine Optimisation and thrive on the constant changes. I also enjoy working on Adwords, Facebook Advertising as well as other platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

I’m not your average SEO consultant, I am also a webmaster. A webmaster looks after your website, this can include content, script updates and so on.

If you’re starting a business or need some help with your existing website then lets have a chat.

P.S. I barrack for the Demons.


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My business Max Power Electrical have been using Stephen Fordes SEO services for nearly 2 years now & I am totally satisfied, especially  after previous bad experiences with 3 different SEO company’s, I was complaining to another business owner who put me in touch with Stephen, & I have since referred numerous businesses his way who have thanked me for the advice.I have since had Stephen rebuild my website, buy additional domain names, & basically advise me on upcoming marketing I was planning & Stephen stay’s in touch regularly to see what is working & what leads are the good ones to keep moving in the right direction.Every month I can honestly say that the SEO has paid for itself in business generated & earlier this year I had a website enquiry that has turned into initially a $70K electrical job & since we have quoted & won another $35K job for the construction company, which is looking like needing to employ another electrician if the work continues. I could bang on about Stephen as once you get stitched up by these company’s who outsource OS, you really appreciate a professional service even more & when Stephen asked for a testimonial I was more than happy to & offered him that anyone thinking about using his services was welcome to contact me direct.
Michael Stillman

Satelight is a creative enterprise which has a good web presence, but it soon became evident that a good website is no longer enough. We needed to increase our exposure to the market and open up other markets. Stephen’s SEO has taken us on and has started to make some great inroads to helping our site gain rankings and expand our ability to capitalise on new markets. I am impressed with Stephen’s enthusiasm and knowledge in driving the SEO aspect forward and I can see how this will be a vital part of our marketing strategy in the future.

Duncan Ward
Satelight Design

I cannot commend Stephen Forde’s expertise in Online Marketing enough. Stephen has been working with us at QPaint for 2 years now and since then we have seen a significant increase in leads and clients due to the skills he provides in SEO and Ad Words. For a business owner, Stephen has taken out the complexity of managing the online part of my business and turned it into a genuine lead and revenue generator for us.

I highly recommend Stephen for all the hard work, expertise and dedication that he puts into growing our business. He will make a great asset to anybody looking to move his or her business to the next level.

If you would like to discuss further I can be reached on details below.

Tas Moulis
QPaint Pty Ltd

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